About the Capricornia Energy Hub

The proposed Capricornia Energy Hub is one of the largest renewable energy projects in Northern Australia and encompasses a pumped-hydro electric scheme, wind farm and solar farm.

Located on Widi Country, approximately 80km west of Mackay in the Eungella Hinterland, it is a 1.4GW energy hub that, when fully operational, will deliver dispatchable green energy into the grid to power 1.5 million Queensland homes.

Ideally located in North Queensland Renewable Energy Zone, the project will also include four water reservoirs, connecting waterways, two powerhouses and 20 km of new transmission lines. It is ideally located in the North Queensland Renewable Energy Zone and close to existing energy infrastructure.

The Hub is expected to be operating by 2028 and will bring sustainable industry and employment to the region.

More than 600 people will be employed during construction and 90 jobs will be created during operation.

Once complete, the Hub will deliver 20% of Queensland’s 2030 Renewable Energy Target.

Progress and Timeline

Capricornia Energy Hub is the largest renewable baseload energy project in Northern Australia. It is a 1.4GW renewable and energy storage project that will provide renewable energy for Central and North Queensland with a pumped hydro-electric scheme, wind farm and solar farm.




Feasibility Study


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